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MISSING IMAGES – a record of missing images or data of works by Lucas SITHOLE

Before digitalization, it was usual for the galleries in South Africa to only take photographs of a few “selected” sculptures by Lucas Sithole – one relied on professional photographers, an expensive undertaking, hence many hundreds of works were never photographed, only recorded or over the years traced back from published data.

In view of this webmaster’s approaching critical age (b. 1934), and in order for the accumulated information to be preserved for a few more years, it was decided in 2011 to temporarily record publicly additional information on the works by Lucas T. SITHOLE not published elsewhere on this website, categorized as follows:





see index in pp. 221+ and published biographical notes to 1978, inter alia



MISSING IMAGES RECORD, the names of first owners’ being unknown



Images available from auctioneers without further data available - current owner's input would be appreciated! - PDF


Please check below sculpture for a label bearing an LS or HP reference, followed by 4 digits - this will help to identify your work!!!

Here is a table of comparative HP, LS or LD numbers!



It is hoped that this information will encourage current owners to trace their works and to contact us with additional information and good images in jpg format (700+KB) so that we can transfer the information to the appropriate place in our MASTER REGISTRY.

Lucas SITHOLE wondering where all the images are

Names of current and first owners will not be disclosed after clarification completed, unless by special request!


Please click on the above A., B. and C. links to get further details of LS listings and missing images or other missing data!

Thanks for your help,

Fernand F. Haenggi, Trustee: The Haenggi Foundation Inc., CH-4003 BASEL/ Switzerland, and webmaster


8th February,, 2017


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