LS6829 Lucas SITHOLE "Lean Dog" 1968 Acryl/paper/board 74x92.5 cm (Coll. University of Fort Hare, Alice)


"Lean Dog" ("Township Dog"), 1968 - Acryl on paper on board - 074x092 cm



University of Fort Hare, Alice



Gallery 101, Johannesburg


Work exhibited:

"Contemporary African Art in SA" - travelling exhibition shown at RAU/PAM/UOFS/Humphreys Kimberley - 1979

Gallery 101, Johannesburg 1968


Work illustrated:

Images of Man (de Jager) (Fort Hare University Press), 1992, p. 121, ill. - wrongly dated 1962

 "Contemporary African Art in SA" RAU/PAM/UOFS/Humphreys - 1979 travelling exhibition, cat. 32 - wrongly dated 1962


Work listed:

Work listed under cat. 198 in „Sydney Kumalo and other Bantu artists of the Transvaal“ by Susanna Jansen van Rensburg (unpublished M.A. degree thesis handed in to Prof. Dr. F.G.E. Nilant, Dept. History of Art, University of Pretoria) (1968/69) - listed as "Lean Dog", signed top right "L.T. Sithole '68" (bottom loop of "8" not clear).

Lucas SITHOLE 1958-1979 - ISBN 0 620 03982 5 - p. 222 - wrongly dated

Originally recorded as LS6201



This work had been selected by Villa Stuck, Munich, for inclusion in the travelling exhibition "The Short Century" curated by Okwui Enwezor to be exhibited during 2001/2002 in museums in Germany and the USA, but the University of Fort Hare failed to make delivery in time.


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