SITHOLE LS8120 "Dancing to the waves", 1981 - Indigenous wood from Zululand - 137x037x048 cm


"Dancing to the waves", 1981 - Indigenous wood from Zululand - 137x037x048 cm



Gallery 21, Johannesburg

Die Kunskamer, Cape Town


Work exhibited:

Gallery 21, Johannesburg - 1985 cat. X04


Work illustrated:

Our Art4 Ons Kuns (F.E.S.T., Pretoria), 1993, p.182 commented + ill.


Press review:

Vaderland, Johannesburg - 6.11.1985, commented

The Star, Johannesburg - 20.11.1985, commented

Note: This work originates from 1970 and was reworked by the artist by 1981.



This sculpture is recorded and illustrated in the monograph published in 2015

“Lucas SITHOLE 1931 – 1994: Highlights 1966-1993” – ISBN 978-3-033-04655-9 – on pp. 110/111


Artist's legend:

"One beautiful morning, I went down to the River where all my beautiful friends used to bathe and where we did our washing and shared our secrets and jokes.

But when I came to the River, there were none of my friends; everything was quiet and still, there was no wind, nothing, it was all deserted.

So I undressed and put my clothes on a nearby big rock and started washing and bathing.

I sang my best song, which is our way of inviting our friends. At first, I was only singing and humming softly to myself, then I found myself dancing and wriggling this way and that way.

Suddenly the river which I thought was asleep, started running and flowing and then I heard it sing back to me, beautiful music from the waves.

So I found myself singing louder and louder and the waves got bigger and bigger, but I was dancing on a big beautiful rock. Then, all of a sudden I heard thunder which didn't scare me, for it added some rhythm to my music. Then I heard whistles from the wind and some humans crying. At first I thought they were singing, but they were being swept away.

Maybe I thought it was that Tornado again, looking for his lost wife. But because I know he loves my dancing and singing, he won't harm my family and if he sees women dancing in the nude, his anger will crease."


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