LS8212 Lucas SITHOLE "Is it my Father calling?" ("Ubabalo?"), 1982 - Zulu indigenous wood - 90x99x43 cm


"Is it my Father calling?" ("Ubabalo?"), 1982 - Indigenous wood from Zululand - 090x099x043 cm



¨Gallery 21, Johannesburg


Work exhibited:

Gallery 21, Johannesburg - 1982 cat. X03; 1983 cat. X07; "Recent Acquisitions" - July 1983


Work illustrated:

Gallery 21, Johannesburg - invitation brochure "Selected Sculptures 1980-1983 by Lucas Sithole", ill.

Sandton Sun, Sandton - October 1984, p. 8, ill.

"Aspects of 20th Century Black South African Art up to 1980" (Amanda Anne Jephson) (M.A. thesis) (Faculty Fine Art and Architecture, University of Cape Town), 1989 (unpublished), ill. pl. 4.14b


Press review:

Die Transvaler, Johannesburg - 6.12.1982, commented

The Star, Johannesburg - 9.12.1982, commented




This work was returned to the artist on 1st December, 1984, and may have been destroyed subsequently by him.


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