SITHOLE LS8307 "Dolphin" ("Klaarwater") ("Manzi Phelile"), 1983 Mkonto wood - 32x131x37 cm


"Dolphin" ("Klaarwater") ("Manzi Phelile"), 1983 Mkonto wood - 32x131x37 cm



Gallery 21, Johannesburg


Work exhibited:

Gallery 21, Johannesburg 1983 cat. X21; 1985 cat. X03

Gallery 21, Johannesburg ("Le Poisson"), 1983 cat. 24

Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg ("Wildlife Artists of the World"), 1985


Work illustrated:

Gallery 21, Johannesburg - invitation brochure "Selected Sculptures 1980-1983 by Lucas Sithole", ill.

The Star, Johannesburg - 10th Nov. 1983, ill.

The Star, Johannesburg - 20th Nov.,1985, ill.


Press reviews:

The Star, Johannesburg - 20th June 1985, commented

Vaderland, Johannesburg - 6th Nov. 1985, commented

Beeld, Johannesburg - 4th Dec. 1985, commented


Artist's legend:

"Manzi Phelile means 'There is no more water'. This great fish is the hunter, she swims beautifully in the water, but now the swimming has gone very slow, for day after day she has been swimming from one place to another, looking for small fish and tadpoles which are her best diet. Now she looks down and down, wondering why all the small fish have gone, even her friends are not there any longer.

She says: I wonder where all the fish may have gone and what the cause could be; but then after some time she realised she was not swimming in clear water any more, it had gone all muddy, and thus 'die visse is klaar, die water is klaar'"



This sculpture is recorded and illustrated in the monograph published in 2015

“Lucas SITHOLE 1931 – 1994: Highlights 1966-1993” – ISBN 978-3-033-04655-9 – on pp. 120/121


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