LS8716 Lucas SITHOLE "Tornado's daughter" 1987 Wild olive wood on tambotie base 126x027x020 cm


"Tornado's daughter", 1987 - Wild olive wood on tambotie base covered in copper oxide patina - 126x027x020 cm



Gallery 21, Johannesburg


Work exhibited:

Gallery 21, Johannesburg - 1987 cat. X16; 1992 cat. X08

Johannes Stegmann Art Gallery, UOFS, Bloemfontein - 1988 cat. 17

S.A. Association of Arts, Pretoria - 1989 cat. X07

Kunstsammlung Kulturstiftung, Unterseen / Interlaken, Switzerland (Memorial Exhibition) - 1995 cat. 14

Artimex Fine Arts, Basel - 1997/98


Artist's legend:

"She is surprised - why do people, tress, water and everything else run away from her? When she was in the water unseen, she saw people jumping around happily, young women dancing, everyone in a happy mood. But when she came out of the water to try to share their happiness and laughter, they started running away; trees fell, some were uprooted, there were cries all over, and some people even died. And when she looked up, she saw some of the people's houses and roofs flying; they were coming to her as if they were appealing to her or saying: save us!"

"That is why she has a smiling face, because she was saying "why do all people run away from me, I only mean good and I don't want to harm anybody".


The green base resembles the water of the lake or dam. The hands are down as with the very long arms people might be frightened and run away, thinking - if she stretched them out or up - they were snakes or other evil spirits.


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