Query "MM4" Lucas SITHOLE "Praying woman (?)" 1963 - wood ? - meas. n/a

LS-Query "MM4"

"Praying woman" (?), 1963 - wood (?) - meas. n/a



Gallery 101, Johannesburg


Work exhibited:

Gallery 101, Johannesburg - 1970


Work illustrated:

Artlook, Johannesburg - Sept. 1972, p. 23


Work documented on Youtube:

Stills from documentary "Lucas Sithole, sculptor" produced and directed by Richard Harvey in 1968/1970. The 12' documentary can be seen on

Lucas SITHOLE is explaining his work which relates to his life around him, supported by music composed by Professor Alan Solomon. Included are a number of views from the solo exhibition held at Gallery 101, Johannesburg, on 5th October, 1970, including the above work at pos. 9:07




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