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A big hug - LS6723

A dog's life - LS6713

Absent minded - LS7459

African Head - LS6406

African Mask - LS6518

After the fight - LS7102

Angie - LS7506

Anteater - LS9104

Are my prayers heard? - LS7823

Baby - LS6319

Barberton - LS6904

Basoto herd boy (Basuto head boy) - LS7542

Begging Hyena (Hyena) - LS6802

Better by night (Bat) - LS8303

Bicycle rider - LS6007

Big nose - LS7725

Bison (l.s.) / Lion making a kill (r.s.) - LS8913

Black Madonna - LS6208

"Blind woman" ("Ngiyobona") - LS7926

Bondage - LS7805

Boy - LS6803

Buffalo - LS6725

Buffalo I. - LS6826

Buffalo II. - LS6830

Buffalo (The Bull) - LS6818

Bullfighter - LS6817

But what am I crying for? (Kodwa Ngikhale lani?) - LS8011

But when will it be? - LS7721

But why? - LS7551

Caddy - LS7411

Calling Africa (Memesa ma'Africa) - LS8809

Can someone please cure my sick child? (Mother and child) - LS7706

Can't bear it any longer! (Pregnant) - LS8719

Can't believe I won! (Jockey) - LS7611

Can't believe it! (Expectant) - LS7408

Can't find anybody! - LS7939

Can't wait any longer - LS7511

Carry on singing - LS8009

Cat's mouse day - LS8112

Catch it, Bova (Dog) (Vat hom, Bova!) - LS9105

Chameleon - LS6607

Charging Afrikander (Afrikaner Bull) - LS6718

Children's Friend - LS6903

Coalbrook Widow - LS5901

Cobra Dancer - LS6906

Cold - LS6727

Come! - LS8804

Come, let's dance! - LS7510

Come out of the water! (Puma emanzini) - LS8909

Complaining doesn't help - LS7409

Concertina Player - LS6827

Concertina Player (Accordion player) - LS6707

"Concertina Player" ("Phuma makoti") - LS7624

Converted - LS8114

Coward (Lelivaka) - LS7914

Dance like the people of Shembe (Jondan Nhleko) (Shembeleza) - LS8210

Dance of the Eagles - LS7812

Dancing - LS8713

Dancing around the fire - LS6409

Dancing baboon - LS8407

Dancing by the riverside - LS8506

Dancing Goliath - LS9106

Dancing in the air (Dedicated to the eagle) (Hungry) - LS8312

Dancing mantis - LS8105

Dancing our worries away I. (Dancing our troubles away, f.) - LS7702

Dancing our worries away II. (Dancing our troubles away, m.) - LS7703

Dancing our worries away III. (Matalaza) - LS7704

Dancing our worries away IV. - LS7707

Dancing to please the praying mantis - LS8715

Dancing to the waves - LS8120

Day Dreamer - LS7562

Decide - LS8025

Dejected - LS7819

Deserted - LS6905

Different Opinions (Changing his mind) (Lena nangale) - LS7570

Dog and Pups II. - LS6820

Dolphin - LS7814

Dolphin (Klaarwater) (Manzi Phelile) - LS8307

Donkey gossiping with rabbit - LS8704

Don't be worried! (Moenie bang wees nie!) (Ungesabi) - LS8108

Don't blame me! - LS7826

"Don't come too near, my child is afraid of strangers" - LS7545

Don't laugh at a praying mantis! - LS8021

Don't disturb me! - LS9107

Don't go there again! (Ungayi-le) - LS8406

Don't leave me! - LS6511

Don't leave me alone! (Musani) - LS7917

Don't pay lobola for me (Head) (Elani lobola) - LS8916

Don't sing if you cannot dance! - LS8203

Don't stop dancing! - LS8404

Don't worry, your Father will come ... (Mother and child) (Uzobuya) - LS8317

Door with 4 panels - LS6212

Doves - LS6720

Drinking piglet (Anteater I.) (Aardvark) - LS7307

Dying warthog - LS6106

Eagle's head (Eagle) - LS7604

Eagle's head - LS8701

Elephant - LS5601

Elongated figure* - Query "B" + "KK" + "LL" + LS7206

Endless tears (African Head) - LS7613

E.T. (untitled) - LS7719

Everybody's friend (Mnganiwani) - LS8017

Expectant (Pregnant) (Old woman) - Query "P"

Expectant Mother - LS6505

Expecting friends - LS7602

Expecting Xhosa woman - LS7317

Family (The family) - LS5903

Fat Head (Ideas) - LS7310

Figure - LS7103 + LS7217 + Query "JJ" + "T" + "V" + "X"

Figure with folded hands - Query "BB"

Forgive me! - LS6728

Friendship - LS6309

From the fields - LS7202

Get away! (Sukani lapha!) - LS8510

Girl with doek - LS7329

Go away! (Hamba!) (Hambanike) - LS7309

Gossip (a pair) - LS7429

Groping their way home in the dark - LS6721

Guilty! - LS8708

Guitar Player (Street musician) - LS6714

Guitar Player I. - LS6311.3

Guitar Player II. - LS6604

Guitar Player IV. - LS6614

Had enough! - LS8018

Hamba Kahle I. - LS7844

Have mercy on them! - LS8101

Head - LS5801

Head (Die Kop) - LS6003, LS6004

Head (Mask) - LS6006

Head - LS6206

Head - LS6907

Head - Query "J"

Head (Mankosi) - LS7412

Head in green - LS9303

Head in white - LS6312

Head study of the artist's son - LS5803

Hedgehog - LS9101

Here I come (Sengifikile) - LS9205

Herero Woman - LS8005

Hippocrocoduc - LS6811

Hippy - LS7305

Honest - LS6823

Horse's head - LS7601

How long is this going to be ....? (Koze kubenini), 1990

Humming - LS7312

Hunting fish - LS7808

I am going nowhere - LS7640

I am listening I., 1975 - LS7566

I am listening II. (Ngilalele) - LS8014

I am not alone - LS7544

I can see everything - LS8811

I can't find your balls! (Caddy, I can't find the ball) - LS7903

I didn't expect this! - LS7933

I found happiness! - LS7825

I know they are coming (Bayeza) - LS8908

I really don't know - LS7561

I thought I made it! (Horse) - LS9202

I want more friends (Funa bangani) - LS8907

I will decide - LS7717

I wish I could sing like you (Head) - LS8206

I wish we could change places! - LS7838

I won't stop crying! - LS8705

If I had to choose .... (Giraffe) - LS8608

If I had wings - LS8208

If I were a man - LS7918

If only ... (Ngatana, ngatana, ngatana) - LS8911

If you'll come back, I'll stay! - LS8314

I'll find them! - LS8808

I'll sit here until you come back - LS8607

I'll wait! - LS7311

”I’m very, very, very tired!” (“Ngikhathele”) - LS7213

I'm coming (Ek kom) (Ngiyeza) - LS8110

I'm gald I made it - LS7831

I'm happy (Ngijabulile) - LS8707

I'm hungry (Hunger) - LS6517

I'm no longer running! (No longer running!) - LS8116

I'm not crying! - LS8020

I'm sorry, I didn't do it! (The golfer) - LS7509

"I'm the happiest" ("Ngijabulile") - LS7548

I'm tired! - LS7460

Impregnated by a bird (Ngakhuleliswa inyoni) - LS8918

In the end, we'll rejoice - LS8605

Is my friend, the chameleon, hiding? - LS8905

It's about time they taught me flying! - LS7708

It's about time we go home! - LS8807

It's alright! (Lungile) - LS7713

It's delicious! (Manzimtoti!) - LS8513

I've brought the message - LS8410

I've come back home (Spring) - LS8409

I've had enough I. (Sekwanele) - LS8024

I've had enough II. (Senganele) - LS8511

I wish I was a Queen - LS7546

Is it my Father calling? (Ubabalo?) - LS8212

Just a few drops - LS7909

Just dancing like your mother (Fuzunyoko) - LS7809

Just like that! - LS8316

“Just like you’ve been doing it” (“Njengawe”) - LS8501

Khatazile - LS7008

Labour, work of nature - LS6306

Lazarus I. - LS6101

Lazarus II. - LS6102

Lazarus III. - LS6103

Lazy bones - LS5802

Lazy Shepherd - LS7315

Lazy watchman (Night watchman) - LS8006

Lean Dog - LS6829

Leopard - LS6726

Let go! (Ngiyeke!) - LS8819

Let me wait for my love - Query "H"

Let's go flying! - LS7851

Life saver (Dolphin) - LS8209

Lion - LS6313

Little Boy I. - LS6213

Little Boy II. - LS7932

Long time no see! (Kudala Sagcinana) - LS7709

Longing for my children - LS7402

Look, I'm healed! (I¨m healed!) (Ngipholile) - LS8015

Lost shepherd (Little lost herdboy) - LS6202 + LS6203.4

Love dancing - LS6216

Lovers - LS6215

Lovers (Love wrestlers) - LS8702

Make believe I'm golfing - LS7416

Male figure - LS7217

Manguza - LS8019

Meerkat I. - LS8906

Message to the ancestors II. - LS7401

Miner's head - LS6003, LS6004

More dancing, but more food! - LS8505

Mother and child - LS6005

Mother and child - LS6304

Mother and child (Mother holding baby) - LS6503

Mother and child - LS6510

Mother and child - LS6611

Mother and child (Mother and child looking for their Father working on the mines) - LS6711

Mother and child - LS6730

Mother and child (Bonisile) - LS6731

Mother and child - LS6807

Mother and child - LS6837

Mother and child - LS6902

Mother and child - LS6903

Mother and child - LS7003

Mother and child - LS7422

Mother and child - LS7820

Mother and child - Query "P"

Mother and child (Knitting) - LS6702

Mother and child (Madonna and child) - LS7815

Mother Buffalo (Manyathi) - LS8113

Mother giving birth - LS6612

Mother of the Chief (Mamaduna) - LS7308

Mother of the Crocs (Mandendevu) - LS7840

Mother of the Rhinos (Mabejane) - LS7710

Mother of Tribes (Moeder van stamme) (Malitshaba) - LS6701

Motherless Child - LS6316

Motherly love (Kapi ntaba) - LS7644

My children, my children! (Warthog) - LS8912

My happiest day - LS7921

My name is Joe - LS7571

My tears, prayers brought rain - LS7306

Mythological animal - LS6613

Naked couple - LS6315

Ndendevu - LS7810

Ngatana - LS6908

No job! - LS8008

No mice to-day! - LS7712

No rain! - LS8718

Noma Xhosa - LS7934

Non-tiring bull (The fighter) (Guduza Nkunzikayikhathali) - LS7417

Not again (Ngeke) - LS8121

Not my day! - LS7313

Not really at home - LS7007

Not running for nothing! (Donkey) - LS8106

Not you! - LS8310

Now I know I'm a woman! (Ngiwutolile) - LS7904

Oh Lord, give us the power and grace (peace) to bring up our children! - LS8803

Old age - LS7107

Old friends - LS7902

Old man - LS6211

One more time! - LS8309

Panga man - LS5604

Peace to the World (Happiness to the World) ("Christus-Figur") - LS8703

Penny whistler I. - LS6105

Penny whistler II. - LS6107

Penny whistler III. - LS6821

Penny whistler IV. - LS6724

Pindile, the Shepherd - LS7504

Please! - LS7723

"Please come back later!" - LS8503

Please do come back if you can't find it! (Head) - LS9002

Please don't! - LS7419

Please don't drown! (Crocodile) - LS8107

Please protect us! - LS8806

Please sing louder! (Mother & child) - LS8814

Polly-Polly - LS7519

Pondo Girl - LS7314

Porcupine - LS8818

Portrait of a Peacemaker (Head) - LS6502

Portrait (of my wife) (Head) - LS6804.3

Praying mantis (Figure of a boy) (Elongated standing figure with clasped hands)* - LS6514

Praying woman (Praying women) - Query "M" + "MM" + "MM4", "MM5", "MM6", "MM7", "MM8"

Pregnant - LS7219

Pregnant woman - LS6833 + LS6217

Pregnant woman (Bonakele) - LS7337

Protest (Bird) - LS8104

Proud and Angry - LS7701

Proud Soul - LS7304

Pumulani - LS7905

Quiet! (Mother and child) (Thula!) - LS8706

Rain God (Leguaan) - LS6601

Rejected (Head) - LS7215

Rhino - LS5602, LS5602.1

Rhino - LS6828

Rhinoceros - LS6209

River Goddess - LS7832

Sable antelope - LS6214

Sacrificed to the rain - LS7901

Searching for friends - LS7908

Searching for water (Looking for water) (Begamansi) - LS7508

Seated figure - LS6317

Settled (Ndakhile) - LS7935

Shall I dance? - LS7802

Small figure - Query "M" + "MM"

Snake Dancer - LS6806

Snakes for me! - LS8016

Some more please! - LS6832

Speak to me! (Head of a woman) - LS6512

Standing figure* - Query "D", "FF" + LS6729

Standing elongated figure* - Query "GG"

Standing woman - Query "I"

Standing woman (Woman with head scarf (doek)) - Query "A"

Sun worshipper - LS6722

Sunday morning dance - LS7209

Swazi girl with doek I. (Head of Thandi) - LS6401

Swazi Princess - LS6318

Tall figure - Query "DD" + "JJ"

Tears of Joy (Swazi girl with doek II.) - LS6705

Tell them! (Batshelene) - LS8910

Thank you doctor! - LS7910

Thanks for the meal! - LS8013

The big fish from the sea (Mkhoma) - LS9304

The coal miner - LS6836

The Couple - LS6723

The dancer - LS6710

The deserted shepherd - LS7501

The dream - LS8711

The dreamer - LS7813

The dustman - LS6834

The faithful woman (Faithful woman) (Thembekile II.) - LS7403

The good shepherd (Kingfisher) - LS8509

The guitarist - LS8802

The homeless couple - LS5902

The housekeeper (Matlakala) - LS7638

The Innkeeper - LS6732

The long road - LS6813

The Lovers - LS6831

The Mask of St. Peter (Head of St. Peter) (Head) - LS6609

The messenger's wife - LS6835

The miner - LS6825

The only way for love to be - LS6611

The penitent - LS6302

The singing concertina (O-la-la-la-le) - LS7413

The spirit of the tornado - LS8709

The street walker (Street singer) - LS7410

The undiscovered reptile (Mamlambo) - LS7711

The Victor (f.s.) - The Vanquished (b.s.) - LS9102

The witch - LS7001

The wounded leopard - LS6301

They are my best friends - LS8306

They must be here, somewhere! - LS8712

Thinking - LS6317

Thokozile (Delighted) - LS7203

Tired buffalo - LS7515

Tired snake dancer - LS6504

To the ancestors - LS8308

Tornado (Antediluvian animal) - LS6808

Tornado's daughter - LS8716

Tortoise - LS6501

Township children - LS6727

Township Dance (Township Dancer) - LS6104

Township Dog - LS6829

Troubled inside - LS8126

True bull (Nkunzimpela) - LS8010

Twisting to happiness - LS7804

Two figures embracing* - LS6314

Two figures embracing* (Mother and expecting daughter) (?) - LS6310

Understanding - LS7716

"Unfriendly woman" ("Nomadolo") - LS7525

Very friendly (Fazini) - LS8710

Very patient - LS7923

Very tired bull (Nkunzikhathebe) - LS8004

Waar speel julle so lank? - LS8103

Wait for me II. - LS7526

Wait until we get home (Mother and child) - LS6303

Waiting for? (Umeleni lapho?) - LS8122

Waiting for a friend (Matobos) - LS7536

Waiting too long - LS7303

Waiting woman with headscarf - LS6816

Wandering warthog (Warthog) - LS7301

Washer woman - LS6838

Washing all my troubles away - LS8207

Watching the flamingos fight - LS7415

Waterbird - LS7803

Waving in the water - LS9006

We have been walking for so many miles! (Sizo fikanini) - LS8914

We have just begun to dance (Sengcalile) - LS8602

What are you hiding? - LS7328

What are you running away for? (uBalekelani?) - LS8714

What did you say? - LS7603

What does the world want? (head) - LS9003

What's smelling? (Kunukani) - LS7514

When am I going to have a child? - LS7920

When am I seeing my children again? (Cat) - LS8117

When I'm guitaring (I'm guitaring) - LS7912

When you smile - LS8026

When you'll be crowned King (large Eagle) (the eagle and the buck) - LS8508

Where? (Kuphi?) - LS8720

Where am I? (Where am I going?) ("Ke 'mokae") - LS7608

Where am I going to have a child? - Query "U"

Where are my beautiful birds? - LS7927

Where are my chicken? - LS8601

Where are my children? - LS7811

Where are my friends? - LS8801

Where are my trousers? - LS7936

Where are they hiding? (Eagle) (Adlaphi?) - LS8315

Where are you playing for such a long time? (Where have you been playing for such a long time?) - LS8103

Where are you taking me? (Eagle) (Ungisaphi?) - LS8109

Where do we go from here? (Meerkat II.) - LS9007

Where do you stay? (Where do we stay?) (Uhlalaphi?) - LS8311

Where has everybody gone? - LS8125

Where has the water gone? - LS8304

Where have all the fish gone? - LS8717

Where you have been playing? (Phumaphi?) - LS8115

“Where is it?” (“Which one is it?”) (“Iphi?”) - LS8504

Where is Matombos? - LS7513

Where is my axe? (Small eagle) (Liphi zembe?) - LS8512

Where is my lamb? - LS7607

Which way is it? - LS7559

Who is here? (Ubani olapha?) - LS8515

Why do you do these things to me? (Ukwenzelani?) - LS7906

Wild beast - LS8917

Wild cat - LS9103

Will you come back again? (Cat) - LS9004

Winner's dance - LS8604

Winter - LS6815

Winter II. - LS7503

Wish you were here! - LS8405

Witchdoctor - LS8211

Witchdoctor's horse - LS8201

With a song in my heart (Garbage carrier) (Ngengoma) - LS6805

With love and happiness, peace grows - LS8102

Woman (Pregnant) - LS5603

Woman II. (Pregnant woman) - Query "O" + LS7503

Woman giving birth - LS6612

Woman holding hands on tummy - Query "Y"

Woman with folded hands (Figure) - LS6402

Woman with head-dress - LS5702

Working together - LS7807

Wounded Buffalo - LS7002

Wounded Buffalo III. - LS7006

Wounded Buffalo - LS7101

You know I'm not guilty! (head) - LS9001

You won't find me any more! (Warthog) - LS8812

Young girl (child) - LS5701

Young vulture - LS8815

Young woman - LS5703

Zimba - LS8915

“Zulu dancer” (“Hotoza”) - LS8402




In some instances, Sotheby's Johannesburg or Everard Read Gallery and other dealers attributed wrong titles to works auctioned or sold - these are marked in cursive lettering* followed by an asterisk.

A number of works cannot be properly identified any longer as the original details are lacking - please search under "Query" or "Misnamed" for image and if it is or was your work, do let us have more details if at all possible!

 There are another 500 listed works by LUCAS SITHOLE - please send us your image in jpg format with full details, or a professional slide or colour print, so that we can publish on this site - names of private owners are not disclosed (mail to address at top of this page)!


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