1931 - 1994


Lucas SITHOLE interviews on Radio, TV and other documentaries


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"Lucas SITHOLE, sculptor" - a film directed and produced by Richard Harvey, Johannesburg/London/Vancouver BC, in 1968/1970 (12 min.)

SABC /TV - "Perspektief" (D. Odendaal, Johannesburg), 1976

Heyns Film Productions, Johannesburg (news reel) - Sept., 1977

SABC /TV - "Perspektief" (D. Odendaal, Johannesburg), October 1978

SABC/TV  - "Portfolio" (Peter W. Bode), 17th February, 1981

SABC-TV2, 1982 - included in documentary produced in 1980 by Gustav Opperman, IFC

Gallery 21, Johannesburg - Lucas Sithole explaining a work on exhibit (part of taped interview) - 29th Oct., 1985

SABC "Kaleidoscope" - combined radio interviews - 30th October, 1985 and 6th November, 1985 (mp3) (J. Krumink)

 Lucas Sithole's voice: LS8211  + LS8508 (downloads as .mp3, in Internet Explorer only opens in Windows Media Player) + LS8511

Lucas SITHOLE LS8211  Lucas SITHOLE LS8508  Lucas SITHOLE LS8511

LS8211   -   LS8508   -   LS8511

SABC - "Collage" - Fine Arts:  produced by Etienne de Villiers, presented by Barry Ronge - in October/November, 1987 (Extract)

SABC TV2/3 - 17th August, 1988 

SABC TV3 "Meriting" - 29th October, 1988

"Contemporary Art - Lucas Sithole" - documentary ("Art for Today, Episode 13") (Gail Honiball) for BOP TV 1988

SABC TV Report on Lucas Sithole's funeral 12th May 1994 - SABC channel on YouTube, uploaded on 9th November, 2011

TV report "Kwathema" on the Burial Ceremony of Lucas Sithole, presented by Charles Moikonyang - CCV 12/5/1994




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